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Pierre Van Heerden

Pierre van Heerden SASC is primarily a cinematographer and has been in the film and television industry since 1979. Amongst others, he was the cameraman on two Himalayan mountaineering expeditions, on the first expedition to navigate the Amazon River from source to sea and the 7 year search for Angola’s national emblem, the thought to be extinct Palanca Negra Gigante – the Giant Sable.

At 65 he has been charged by elephants, rhinos and lions, survived an avalanche in the Himalayas and being trapped under a raft in a Class 6 rapid.

He was abducted in Kinshasa, avoided the “Sendero Luminoso” and “Ratteros” in Peru, been shot at and twice had AK47’s against his head. Despite this, his primary passion remains documenting the natural world.

His films have won numerous international awards and his stills photography is a hobby that flows inevitably from his cinematographic skills.

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